About the Author:

A visual artist and poet, Anne Boyer is the author of The Romance of Happy Workers (Coffee House Press, 2008). She was born in Topeka, Kansas and educated at Kansas State University and Wichita State University. After a decade spent teaching in Missouri and Iowa, she recently returned to Kansas where she co-edits the poetry journal Abraham Lincoln.

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Praise for Anne Boyer

“Playful, literary, angry, sexy, Anne Boyer’s poems are filled with metamorphoses and composite creatures. Poets become birds, nouns become verbs, language is foliate and feathered.” —Jennifer Moxley

“Of all the poetry I love, the rarest are those books making me a compulsory vacuum. Anne Boyer stays put once read, and later breaks the surface of my days where I find the nerve to lean on poetry to live. ‘Darkling, who listens?’ she asks, but if trends in nose-to-tail dining are any indication, this is the whole thing coming through the new door. Some of the latest enduring insights, sexy in the city or leaning on the silo, a madness of pleasure awaits when dancing on the hot coals with Anne Boyer!” —CAConrad

Anne Boyer