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Featured in two PBS poetry series, Quincy Troupe is the author of seven volumes of poetry including Transcircularities and most recently, Errançities. In addition to chronicling his friendship with Miles Davis in Miles and Me, Troupe has recently published children’s books on Magic Johnson and Stevie Wonder. He is also the winner of two American Book Awards, a Peabody Award, and the title of World Heavyweight Champion Poet.He divides his time between New York and a countryside village in Guadeloupe.


“Quincy Troupe writes poetry for the ears, heart, and the whole body.”—Al Young

“Few American poets have captured the rhythm and sounds of American poetry as well as Quincy Troupe. He is one of a kind.”—Ishmael Reed

“Quincy Troupe’s poetry is a profound realization of the possibilities of our language’s music. Incorporating the cadences of jazz composition into bother formal and free verse, Troupe explores subjects as varied as sports, racism in contemporary America, and wastewater management—always with genuine understanding and empathy for his characters.”—Rain Taxi Review of Books

“Any piece of writing he touches becomes music. With an uncanny ear for the language, he combines mere words into phrases that sing the range of life’s raw emotions.”—The Los Angeles Times

“Quincy Troupe wants to take poetry in a new direction, away from the confines of boring, intellectual riddles that puzzle the mind and turn millions of people off poetry.”—Metro Literary Quarterly

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  • Winner, Premio Fronterizo Award
  • Winner, Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement
  • Winner, Poets & Writers Writers for Writers Award
Quincy Troupe

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