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The author of nine novels as well as collections of short stories, essays, and poems, Rikki Ducornet has been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, honored twice by the Lannan Foundation, and the recipient of an Academy Award in Literature. Widely published abroad, Ducornet is also a painter who exhibits internationally. She lives in Port Townsend, Washington.


Twice honored by the Lannan Foundation

Bard College Arts and Letters award

Academy Award in Literature (2008)


“A novelist whose vocabulary sweats with a kind of lyrical heat.” —The New York Times

“Linguistically explosive. . . . Ducornet is one of the most interesting American writers around.”—The Nation

“Ducornet is gifted with a talent for lush, lyrical prose.” —San Diego Union Tribune

“Her work replicates the enchantment we felt when hearing fantastic stories as children or when we first fell into books considered too mature for us. . . . [It] spools out the struggle between the doctrinaire impulse to control and contain . . . and the more dynamic (albeit sometimes equally dangerous) impulse to transgress, struggle, and create.”—Brian Evenson

“Rikki Ducornet—surrealist, absurdist, pure anarchist at times—is one of our most accomplished writers, adept at seizing on the perfect details and writing with emotion and cool detachment simultaneously. I love her style because it is penetrating and precise but also sensual without being overwrought. You experience a Ducornet novel with all of your senses.”—Jeff Vandermeer

“Rikki Ducornet can create an unsettling, dreamlike beauty out of any subject. In the heady mix of her fiction, everything becomes potently suggestive, resonant, fascinating. She exposes life’s harshest truths with a mesmeric delicacy and holds her readers spellbound.” —Joanna Scott

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