Biblio Bash 2012

On May 5th, Coffee House Press launched an exciting alternative to the traditional literary event called Biblio Bash. At a time when new technology is rapidly changing how people read and interact with books and authors, Coffee House Press is interested in designing new literary experiences. While traditional literary events often focus on a passive audience – where authors stand on stage and read to an audience – Biblio Bash  focused on engagement and participation. We encouraged our readers to literally interact with our authors and books, staging dramatic interpretations, playing games, and creating their own unique experiences of our mission. It was fun, not stuffy! 2012′s theme was Biblio Bash: A Literary Carnival; attendees experienced an atmosphere reminiscent of a county fair, with popcorn, a sundae bar, and “booths” staffed with barkers.

Biblio Bash 2012 Photos

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