Buy One, Give One for National Poetry Month

Buy One, Give One for National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

For this year’s National Poetry Month, we’ve teamed up with Tin House Books to bring you a chance to share your love of a good poem with your friends, neighbors, family, and anyone and everyone in your life who doesn’t pick up poetry books on their own. For FREE!

Participating publishers, which include Tin House, Archipelago, BOA, Copper CanyonMilkweedRed HenSarabande, YesYes, as well as Coffee House, will send a free book to give for every book of poetry purchased via their websites.

This collaboration grew out of a suggestion that Tin House magazine poetry editor Matthew Dickman made to a gathering of poetry lovers. Next came his blog post, Poetry by Mail, which went viral and was linked to on several sites and reposted on the Huffington Post.

So as you consider your commitment to poetry this April, help us spread the word by finding a person (or two! Or three!) in your life who would benefit from a book of poetry. And really, who couldn’t benefit from a book of poetry?

For orders placed with Coffee House:

Buy a book of poetry for yourself.

During checkout, include the address of the person you’d like a book sent to in “Notes” and we’ll mail one out with a note about National Poetry Month, the participating publishers, and why they are the recipient of this very special gift.

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