Eowyn Ivey: Bookseller Turned Novelist

Eowyn Ivey is my newest hero: a bookseller turned novelist! She just happens to be featured in Read This!, Coffee House Press’s collection of book recommendations from independent bookstores. Ivey represents Fireside Books in Palmer, Alaska, the same place where she was inspired to write her first novel.

The Snow Child tells the story of a childless couple homesteading in Alaska and the wild little girl who appears from the woods and changes their lives. Ivey’s inspiration came from a Russian fairy tale that she found while shelving books in the children’s section. The original tale of the snow maiden both appears in and complements the novel. The Christian Science Monitor describes it as “keep[ing] the once-upon-a-time quality of a fairy tale while just skating the edge of magical realism.”

Having read and loved The Snow Child, I find Ivey’s book recommendations especially fitting. Her novel radiates a sense of place, which is reflected in selections like Cold Mountain and My Life in France. There are frontier stories like Lonesome Dove and True Grit. And some selections reveal an appreciation for childlike wonder, such as Goodnight Moon and A Wrinkle in Time.

We are what we read? In the case of Eowyn Ivey, it seems possible. Check out Read This! for her full list of recommendations and many more. —Courtney Wipf

And come back next week for my interview with Eowyn Ivey!

Eowyn Ivey’s Official Website: http://eowynivey.com/

Fireside Books Website: http://goodbooksbadcoffee.com/

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