Sam Savage

Sam Savage

As some of you may have already heard, longtime Coffee House author and friend Sam Savage is in hospice, after battling a respiratory illness for many years. While this is heartbreaking news for us and for Sam’s readers around the world, we’re grateful to still have some time with him, and we are proud to have been able to usher his brilliant novels into the world. We’re in touch with Sam about his legacy and the future of his books, making plans to reissue them, introducing the work we love to a new generation of readers.

Sam often jokes that his narrators are almost all the same, some version of himself looking out a window reacting with sadness to a less-than-perfect world. But in each case, there is always some hope as long as there is life and the ability to make great art from it.

I find the end of his Way of the Dog to be appropriate, for now:

“I am going to stop now.

It is not even true that man is born, suffers, and dies. Even that is too much of a story. What is true is that every day the sun rises and sets.

There is not enough time to reckon the sum of our folly.

I am still alive.”

—Chris Fischbach, Publisher

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