Alone and Not Alone

Poetry by Ron Padgett

The latest from Pulitzer Prize finalist Ron Padgett, Alone and Not Alone follows 2013′s triumphant Collected Poems (winner of the LA Times Book Prize and the William Carlos Williams Prize) with new poems that demonstrate how vital Padgett’s skills as a poet remain, continuously reminding us that the world may be seen in a clearer and more generous light.

May 2015
6 x 9| 84 Pages
Trade Paper

Thanks to a 2013 ADA Access Improvement Grant administered by VSA Minnesota for the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, this title is also formatted for screen readers which make text accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

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ISBN: 978-1-56689-401-2.



Ron Padgett grew up in Oklahoma and has lived mostly in New York City since he went there in 1960 to attend Columbia, with stays in Paris, South Carolina, and Vermont. Although a memoirist and translator, most of his writing since 1957 has been poetry. He is a happy grandfather and lives in New York, NY, United States.


“The charm of [Padgett's] lines—and their power, because his work has a way of disarming you and pulling you in again and again—often comes from his allergy to anything pretentious or even ‘poetic.’ He makes plain niceness look like the most radical stance of all.” —New York Times

“Padgett’s disarming poems is always a delight, and Alone and Not Alone certainly does not disappoint. . . . Lighthearted as these painterly definitions may appear, they presume a poet willing to deconstruct art and the meaning of art with a good-natured but nonetheless surgical incisiveness.” New York Journal of Books

“Can a prolific poet produce a breakthrough book after age 70? Padgett might have done it here . . . a volume whose charm, ease, and humor should please casual readers unfamiliar with his previous work as well as fans who have enjoyed him for decades.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The beloved New York School poet Ron Padgett returns in 2015 with Alone and Not Alone.—Flavorwire

“Robert Clawson calls Ron Padgett a ‘devilishly delightful poet,’ and you only have to receive one of his charming and lively emails to guess that his clever puckishness will carry over to his poetry.” Mass Poetry

“Padgett is a poet of transcendental lucidity and he makes it appear real easy.” The Poetry Project Newsletter

“It should be no surprise that his latest collection of poetry, Alone and Not Alone due out in May of this year from Coffee House Press, is anything less another feather in his cap.” Delta Howl

“Padgett’s highly anticipated new poetry collection.” BuzzFeed

“Padgett writes with huge variety . . . his nuttiness is what makes his poems so tangibly human and gives them an infectious personality that, even without any interpretation, is simply enjoyable to witness.” The Wesleyan Argus

Praise for Ron Padgett

“By turns (or all at once) sweet, hilarious, moving and mind-bogglingly imaginative. This book is for anyone who likes writing or who thinks it’s interesting to have a mind (or simply a forehead).” —Wall Street Journal

“[Padgett's] recently released Collected Poems implicitly implores us to talk about his body of work as that of a twentieth-century Great who is still producing superlative verse today. . . And that’s exactly what Padgett is: a virtuoso.” —Huffington Post

“Five decades fuel Collected Poems, a tome teeming with Padgett’s trademark traits: comic energy, good humor, alert intelligence, constant curiosity, and the determination to put it all into poems.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Here they are all! A giant stack of your favorites from America’s most wiggy poet. And one of its most friendly. There is a lot of boy in the mature Padgett, and he has never tired of the game of connecting things that no one ever thought to connect before.” —Billy Collins

“His poems are conversational, extremely accessible, willfully casual and consistently funny, but also laced with a lightly worn sadness, a symptom of everyday heartache.” —NPR

“Padgett is a living leviathan and this collection is his box set.” —KCETV