Let’s Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War

New and Selected Poems (1986 – 2009) by Edward Sanders
Introduction by Joanne Kyger

“In Sanders’ poetry we find … one of the clearest and most necessary bodies of work still being written today.” —Poetry Project Newsletter

September 2009
6 x 9 | 256 pages
Paperback Original

ISBN: 978-1-56689-234-6.



The major work from a legend of Beat poetry, Yippee politics, and rock ’n’ roll

“Sanders [is] the poet-maestro of American history.” —Michael McClure

Let’s Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War picks up where the simultaneously reissued, American Book Award-winning collection, Thirsting for Peace in a Raging Century, left off and spans more than two decades. In this collection, Edward Sanders animates the whole of human history—breathing new life into ancient stories, celebrating artists and activists, telling tales of bohemian escapades, eulogizing friends and politicians, and lamenting the follies that have led us to war time and again. With exuberant pragmatism and visionary scholarship, Sanders continues to mark the way forward for poets and peacemakers, rock ‘n’ rollers, and revolutionaries.


“In Sanders’ poetry we find … one of the clearest and most necessary bodies of work still being written today.” —Poetry Project Newsletter

“Sanders represents a sense of cultural immanence running from Archilochus and Aeschylus to Olson and Ginsberg, Blackburn and Berrigan, while his interest in ‘investigative poetry’ allows him to make relevant to his art a channel-surfer’s cable lineup of contemporary concerns, from black holes to Masons to Mason to health-care reform to toxic-waste disposal to terrorism. He is, Emerson might have said, ‘man thinking,’ the scholar who admits no boundaries to the desire for knowledge, no matter how audacious the crossing.” —Antioch Review

“One marvels at [Edward Sander’s] synergetic fusion of his poetic calling and his laudable career as an activist. The power of the righteous utterance to mutate reality is an article of faith for the countercultural leader, who famously led chants to exorcise the Pentagon. His lyrics ring forth optimism.” — Chronogram

“Far-ranging, historically acute, and painfully beautiful.” —Bob Holman, About.com

“Ebullient and explosive, an irreverent and highly idiosyncratic ride through the recent years of our diminishing republic. (It’s also very funny.) . . . Raw and cantankerous, yet filled with a mystic energy and power. . . . This is poetic prophecy in the tradition of Blake and Ginsberg.” —Chris Faatz, Powell’s Books

“This book is a balm for our times, simply because, in an era of increasing impatience and distraction, Sanders inspires with his unwavering focus on (and love for) humanity.” —John Peck, Diesel Bookstore

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