Signed LP of Sings Bolling Greene (Soundtrack)



1. West Texas Winds 03:12
2. Now You Are a Country Deejay in Berlin 03:22
3. Days of Dayton, Nights of Columbus 02:36
4. Thank You for Your Postcard 03:19
5. Eternal Now 03:38
6. Sorrow Has a Basement 03:01
7. Outlaw Bandolier 03:06
8. My Red Ideal 04:12
9. The Nineteenth Hole 02:08
10. Boarded Windows 04:20

Minneapolis writer-musician Dylan Hicks’s fourth album and a companion to his debut novel, Boarded Windows.

Dylan Hicks, vibraslap, vocals, piano, organ; Terrry Eason, guitar; James Everest, bass; Erik Mathison, drums; Joe Hastings, vocals; Rachel Price, saxophones; Joe Savage, pedal steel; Walter Schleisman, trombone; Brian Tighe, vocals.

Produced by Dylan Hicks and Jason Orris.

Photography and design by Karl Raschke.

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