Thirsting for Peace in a Raging Century

New And Selected Poems (1961-1985) by Edward Sanders

“If you want to know what the ’60s really were about, you’ll find out between [these] covers.” —Kansas City Star

September 2009
6 x 9 | 256 pages
Paperback Reissue

ISBN: 978-1-56689-238-4.



This American Book Award-winning collection begins with Edward Sanders famous first “Poem from Jail”, written in 1961 during his incarceration for disrupting the christening of a nuclear submarine, and covers the twenty tumultuous years that followed. Revised and updated with sixteen new poems, this vital addition to all collections of contemporary American poetry and culture chronicles Sanders’ literary, political, and rock ‘n’ roll adventures, as well as the sensuous joys of rural and semi-rural life.


1988 American Book Award Winner


“[Thirsting for Peace in a Raging Century] restores Edward Sanders to his rightful place at the forefront of the poetry of his time, and reminds us that spending one’s days in active pursuit of the betterment of all life on the planet isn’t necessarily antithetical to the creation of first-rate writing.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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