Poems by Martha Ronk

“Martha Ronk’s Vertigo is as beckoning as it is unsettling.” —C.D. Wright, National Poetry Series judge

September 2007
6 x 9 | 86 pages
Paperback Original

ISBN: 978-1-56689-205-6.



Melancholy and playful, analytic and lyrical, Vertigo unlocks the language of the mind’s theater as it immerses the reader in a dense realm of memory and multiple perspectives, repositioning our relations to daily life, the past, and the future.


A National Poetry Series winner, chosen by C.D. Wright


“Reading Vertigo, I find much, much more than the continuing project of one of America’s finest poets. Martha Ronk has always been a visionary of astonishing tact and of a subtle, undeniable authority. But in these new poems, she sets herself a shimmering task—nothing less than the rectification of Vision itself. She calls our attentions to Attention.” —Donald Revell

“[Ronk] keeps us poised on the verge between this world and another with poems anchored in generosity and compassion and driven by full emotions that don’t sacrifice intelligence.” —Cole Swensen

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