The Little Free Library Book

A guide by Margret Aldrich

April 14, 2015 • 8 x 9 • 264 Pages • 978-1-56689-407-4

LFL history, quirky and poignant firsthand stories, a resource guide, and some of the most creative and inspired LFLs around.

What started as a simple idea to promote literacy and encourage community has become a movement. Little Free Libraries—front-yard book exchanges—now number more than 20,000 in 75 countries. This tells the history of these charming libraries, gathers quirky and poignant stories from owners, provides a resource guide, and delights readers with color images of the most creative and inspired LFLs around.

About the Author

Margret Aldrich is a writer and editor who has published her work with the Atlantic, Experience Life, Brain, Child, and others. A former editor at Utne Reader, Margret is a regular contributor to Book Riot and is a producer at BringMeTheNews’s national health platform. She lives in Minneapolis with her bearded husband, two entertaining young boys, and a Little Free Library.


The Little Free Library Book, a 200-page hardcover published by Minneapolis-based Coffee House Press and written by Twin Cities author Margret Aldrich, explains the history and the philosophy of LFL creator Todd Bol, stories of stewards around the world, tips for starting and curating a Little Library, building plans and 350 color photos of the most creative libraries.” Pioneer Press

The Little Free Library Book is both an entertaining read and an inspiring one. Aldrich writes with a clear, journalistic ease. The prose is informative but shot through with an obvious affection for her subject.” Star Tribune

“[The Little Free Library Book] is the definitive guide to a phenomenon.” MinnPost

“Both primer and inspiration, a history & a guide for how to get involved.” Los Angeles Times

“In April, Coffee House Press in Minneapolis will publish The Little Free Library Book, a book that documents library owners from all over the world.” Chicago Tribune

“A charming book.” Isthmus

“[Margret Aldrich] profiles Little Free Libraries with distinct creative flair and the citizen librarians behind them.” Capital Times

The Little Free Library Book, is something entirely unique and exciting to read. . . . The Little Free Library Book has pictures galore for inspiration, how-to instructions for those looking to start their own LFL, and first hand experiences from Aldrich herself, as well as from founder Todd Bol, and from LFL stewards around the world.” Hazel & Wren

“Bol’s grassroots story and those of many Little Free Library caretakers are told in Margret Aldrich’s delightful new book, The Little Free Library Book.” SF Gate

“A beautiful coffee table book.” Book Riot

“Stewards across the globe can be found within the [Little Free Library Book’s] pages, along with helpful how-to’s for any question you can conjure, professional blueprints for building your own LFL, and photos of some of the coolest Libraries around.” Loft

“Say what you will about the current state of American society, we’ve still got some small pockets of democratic beauty around our country.”Secrets of the City

“The organization is also celebrating the launch of the The Little Free Library Book, which highlights the people behind the movement, written by Minneapolis-based author and Little Free Library steward Margaret Aldrich.” Bring Me The News

“Now that movement has its own book chronicling the history of the idea, along with a collection of unusual and poignant firsthand stories from owners, and a resource guide for how to get the most out of your own Little Free Library. There are also a plethora of photos of unique and and inspired Little Free Libraries to spark your creative juices.” L’etoile

Book Riot contributor Margret Aldrich’s The Little Free Library Book, available for preorder, comes out from Coffee House Press. Isn’t the cover beautiful? I need this book!” Book Riot

“Lovers of books and libraries will adore this title, as will readers interested in folk art or successful grassroots movements. Be warned, Little Free Libraries are sure to spring up wherever this book is available.”Library Journal, starred review

The Little Free Library Book is a colorful book that’s nearly as charming as the tiny libraries themselves.” Isthmus

“Twenty-five thousand Little Free Libraries later, there’s a handy coffee table book, The Little Free Library Book, that details some 300 colorful examples and blueprints for building your own.” Milwaukee Magazine

“Margret Aldrich chronicles the movement that began in 2009 with the simple concept of ‘take a book, return a book’ in The Little Free Library Book, which includes photos, helpful how-tos, and professional blueprints.” Experience Life Magazine

“Well-conceived and delightfully accessible. . . . It’s not a simple story, but Aldrich captures its idiosyncratic contours simply by telling the stories of stewards from around the world.” Public Art Review

The Little Free Library Book offers a wonderful collection of stories and pictures of Libraries around the world—why people got involved and how they have benefited. It also offers tips for builders, sponsors, organizers and users, and other projects that capitalize on the same values that make Little Free Libraries so successful.” Little Observationist

“[The Little Free Library Book] has wonderful photos, tells the history of the idea, and gives you some ideas to create your own little free library.” Tales from an Open Book