Poetry by Greg Hewett

April 1, 2010 • 6.5 x 8.5 • 126 pages • 978-1-56689-245-2

A penetrating, richly metaphoric survey of the human landscape.

Through exploring the infrastructure of civilization, the body’s intimate topography, and the cultural terrain of Italian opera, Greg Hewett excavates the fields where humanity has erected its monuments, fought its battles, and sowed the seeds of both redemption and ruin: “for everyman’s a remainderman / every boundary evidence / every terminus implication / and every acre dark.”

About the Author

Greg Hewett is the author of Blindsight (Coffee House Press, 2016,) darkacre (2010), The Eros Conspiracy (2006), Red Suburb (2002), and To Collect the Flesh (New Rivers Press, 1996)—poetry collections that have received a Publishing Triangle Award, two Minnesota Book Award Nominations, a Lambda Book Award Nomination, and an Indie Bound Poetry Top Ten recommendation. The recipient of Fulbright fellowships to Denmark and Norway, Hewett has also been a fellow at the Camargo Foundation in France, and is Professor of English at Carleton College. He is currently finishing a biography of the film noir actor Thomas Gomez.


“Contemplative and highly accomplished. . . . [Hewett] takes the long view of life and history, calling in ancient civilizations to make sense of our own, or imagining hidden worlds, the flip side of our own. . . . A wash of carefully controlled emotion.” MinnPost

“Greg Hewett’s poems create fresh dimensions where language and human experience become one. They further the surprise of poetry by leaving the reader with a sense that the one world of their maker is the multiple world of his beloved audience.” —Ray Gonzalez

“Hewett builds words on top of words, as he goes, producing unexpected combinations. . . . Each poem is wrapped in sounds: vowels and consonants precisely chosen to create a melody while you read.” Minnesota Reads

“Bringing his mind and philosophy to life, [Hewett] brings readers a critical and sensual read to the many aspects of life. darkacre is a fine [collection] that shouldn’t be missed.” Midwest Book Review

“A fascinating achievement that distinguishes Hewett as a master of uncanny imagery and sheer immediacy.” Twin Cities Daily Planet

“From estate properties to artistic legacies, darkacre interrogates both mortality and immortality: what does it mean to last? Hewett is a master architect of the poetic suite, and his house contains many mansions. This is not so much a collection as it is a showplace: stylistically inventive, provocative, and illuminating.” —D.A. Powell