Elvis Presley Calls His Mother After the Ed Sullivan Show

A novel by Samuel Charters

January 1, 1992 • 5 x 8 • 128 pages • 978-0-918273-98-7

After the infamous Ed Sullivan broadcast of Elvis Presley from the waist up, imagine that Elvis returns to his hotel and telephones his mother. Amidst the cold hamburgers and the lingering fans, Elvis talks of the girls and their distressed fathers, his concerts and his dreams. From his astonishment at the attention bestowed on him, to the ambitions that propelled his music, this young Elvis, still relatively untainted, early on the road to stardom, comes vividly to life.

About the Author

Samuel Charters is the author of Elvis Presley Calls His Mother After the Ed Sullivan Show and three previous novels, including Mr. Jabi and Mr. Smythe, Jelly Roll Morton’s Last Night at the Jungle Inn, and Louisiana Black, which was made into a feature film. He has also written numerous nonfiction works on blues and jazz including The Poetry of the Blues and The Roots of the Blues, as well as poetry, translations, biography and criticism. He currently owns and operates a small jazz record company in Storrs, Connecticut.


“Charters is . . . a storyteller, a scholar, a sensitive observer of folkways and folk wisdom.” —Los Angeles Times