Poetry by Quincy Troupe

January 24, 2012 • 6 x 9 • 140 pages • 978-1-56689-283-4

Award-winning poet, Hollywood author, and Miles Davis confidante, Quincy Troupe evokes a sheer love of invention.

Coined with the French word errance (“to wander”) in mind, these poems rove from ancient Yoruba to the streets of Harlem to the tropical heat of Guadeloupe and emerge with a new vocabulary for the transformations of the physical, philosophical, and musical worlds. Known for his long, lyrical narrative poems and invocation of the oral tradition, Troupe captures the histories and deaths of Michael Jackson and Miles Davis, celebrating both their accomplishments and contradictions. This collection embraces the improvisation of a soul as it offers a paean to the possibilities of poetry.

About the Author

Featured in two PBS poetry series, Quincy Troupe is the author of seven volumes of poetry including Transcircularities and most recently, Errançities. In addition to chronicling his friendship with Miles Davis in Miles and Me, Troupe has recently published children’s books on Magic Johnson and Stevie Wonder. He is also the winner of two American Book Awards, a Peabody Award, and the title of World Heavyweight Champion Poet. He divides his time between New York and a countryside village in Guadeloupe.


“Troupe is an innovator of form and tone who shifts quickly from a lofty, elegiac mode into burlesque or smoky, jazzed-down pop phraseology.” Publishers Weekly

“Troupe’s poems are exuberant and passionate outpourings with driving, syncopated rhythms and improvisatory riffs of colorful language.” Star Tribune