Margaret & Dusty

Poetry by Alice Notley

May 1, 1985 • 6 x 9 • 80 pages • 978-0-918273-08-6

Poems from a master of the New York School.


“Notley is the foremost practitioner of the New York School of poetry. Heir to the likes of Frank O’Hara and widow of the larger-than-life Ted Berrigan, Notley has over the course of her last few books finally hit her stride. . . . Notley writes from an accumulation of meaning. Similar to the techniques of the abstract expressionists, it is in that heavily built-up surface that we find the depth of meaning. . . . Some poems are so right, so perfectly conceived, it’s a wonder that anyone would write in any other way.” —John Stickney, Columbus Dispatch

“These poems, for the most part imaginary conversations with herself, are energetic, good clean fun. They also contain some serious under currents. At their best, they tease readers into a new way of viewing their surroundings.” Library Journal