Mitochondrial Night

Poetry by Ed Bok Lee

March 5, 2019 • 6 x 9 • 88 pages • 978-1-56689-532-3

Poems that trace paths through time, genealogy, and geography, locating the generational legacy of history.

From Mitochondrial Night: 

                               We’re drumming,
he explained, in the tradition
of shamans,
so the ancestors won't be so lonely.
Because spirits need us
more than we need them.
And for hours
                       they’ll listen to anyone

About the Author

Ed Bok Lee is the author of Whorled, a recipient of the 2012 American Book Award and the Minnesota Book Award in Poetry, and Real Karaoke People, a recipient of the 2006 PEN Open Book Award and the Asian American Literary Award (Members’ Choice). Lee grew up in South Korea, North Dakota, and Minnesota and was educated there, on both U.S. coasts, in Russia, and in Kazakhstan.

Thanks to a 2013 ADA Access Improvement Grant administered by VSA Minnesota for the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, this title is also formatted for screen readers which make text accessible to the blind and visually impaired. To purchase this title for use with a screen reader please call (612) 338-0125 or email us at info@coffeehousepress.org.


Praise for Ed Bok Lee

“There is a nomadic beauty to Ed Bok Lee’s Whorled, which pulses with raw political anger and vital lyricism.” —The Guardian

“These poems work in powerful concert to give body to an entire world of beauty, terror, loss, grief, and joy. The strength and magnetism of Lee’s voice come from his mind’s profound awareness of a person’s embeddedness in a context simultaneously personal and archetypal; social, historical, political, and cosmic.” —Li-Young Lee