The Man Who Swam with Beavers

A novel by Nancy Lord

May 1, 2001 • 5 x 7.5 • 256 pages • 978-1-56689-110-3

The indie press answer to Survivor.

Inspired by Alaska Native legends and myths of her adopted state, Nancy Lord explores humankind’s innate need for contact with nature in the contemporary fables that make up The Man Who Swam with Beavers. The title refers to a Dena’ina Indian story about a man who lives with beavers, and realizes that all creatures have “their own lives, as complete and legitimate as any others.” These wry, imaginative stories portray modern American life against a backdrop of traditional wisdom about what it takes to live well in the world.


“These fresh, startling, wonderful stories deserve a wide readership. I gobbled them up.” —Maxine Kumin