To and For

Poems by Steve Levine

January 1, 1992 • 6 x 9 • 72 pages • 978-0-918273-71-0

Inventive, spontaneous, and playful, Levine’s poems will enchant lovers of Dada poetry, absurdist theater, and minimalism. By the author of The Cycles of Heaven.


“Steve Levine builds inventive poems, minimal and not, seemingly out of thin air. Often funny, always pointed, his work manages to fuse an entirely modern, New York sensibility with the spirit and thrust of classical epigram. Levine’s quick wit and willingness to let the poem travel wherever it wants makes To and For a highly appealing book; when he lets loose, as in ‘The Best of Friends’ and ‘The Chamber I Inhabit is Finally Cleared,’ he can be dazzling.” —Charles North

“Readers unfamiliar with Steve Levine’s poetry will immediately appreciate its inventive and delightful music and then wonder how a poet who generally favors short forms—he has a miniaturist’s sense of perfection—can achieve such far-ranging and various effects. Alternately rich, epigrammatic, slyly sardonic, direct or emotionally complex, his poems are often absurdist but ultimately affirmative. This is a long-awaited book by an extraordinary poet.” —Paul Violi