AWP 2018 Schedule

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Patricia Spears Jones

12 P.M.: A Tribute to June Jordan

4 P.M. (Offsite): Black Earth Institute Reading

V.V. Ganeshananthan

1:30 P.M.: Broad Humor, FunnyGrrls, Excellent Women: Fiction Writers on Gender and Comedy

Raymond McDaniel, Lightsey Darst, Evelina Galang

1:30 P.M.: Complicating Florida

Allison Hedge Coke

1:30 P.M.: A Curated Obsession: The Persona Poetry Project

Dan Beachy-Quick

1:30 P.M.: Navigating Uncertain Terrain: Essayists of Milkweed Editions

David Mura, Alexs Pate

3 P.M.: Race in Contemporary Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

Nina McConigley

3 P.M.: Finding the Understory: What Connects a Collection

Danielle Evans

4:30 P.M.: Our Brilliant Friends: Women, Friendship, and Art

LeAnne Howe

6 P.M.: Indigenous-Aboriginal American Writers Caucus

Patricia Smith

6 P.M. (Offsite): University of Tampa Presents Lidia Yuknavitch and Patricia Smith: A Reading

Vi Khi Nao

7 P.M. (Offsite): Flash Reading


V.V. Ganeshananthan

9 A.M.: Should I Stay or Should I Go: Re-visioning the Tenure Track

Danielle Evans

9 A.M.: Beyond "Add one and stir": Negotiating Race, Gender, and Class as Female Faculty of Color

Julie Carr

9 A.M.: Apollinaire 100 Years On

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

9 A.M.: Still in the Trenches: Gender, Race, and Class in Creative Writing

Hieu Minh Nguyen, Patricia Smith

12 P.M.: Transform Your Writing by Fusing Classic Poetry with Your Own Spoken Word!

Patricia Smith

1:30 P.M.: A Tribute to Patricia Smith

6:30 P.M. (Offsite): Poets of The Baffler Reading

Kao Kalia Yang

1:30 P.M.: Writing Place, People, and Culture: Nonfiction at its Finest

Elena Passarello

1:30 P.M.: The (Art) World Is Everywhere Whispering Essays

6:30 P.M. (Offsite): University of Iowa's NWP Reading

LeAnne Howe

1:30 P.M.: The Art of Politics, The Politics of Art: Writers, Gun Violence, and the Literature of Social Engagement

Vi Khi Nao

3 P.M.: Writing the Frail Essay

John Dermot Woods

3 P.M.: From Words to Images: Making Comics (for Writers)

Bao Phi

3 P.M.: A Question of Class: The Art of Writing from Below the Middle

Patricia Spears Jones

4:30 P.M.: A Reading by Rick Barot, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, and Patricia Spears Jones

Dan Beachy-Quick

4:30 P.M.: Pitching, Publishing, and Promoting Reviews: A How-To Conversation

Allison Hedge Coke

5:30 P.M.: Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology Book Launch & 10th Anniversary Celebration

Lincoln Michel

7:30 P.M.: Books & Brews (Alternating Current) Offsite Reading


M. Evelina Galang

9 A.M.: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage: When, Why, and How Short Stories Become Novels

Saeed Jones

10:30 A.M.: Only Connect: Building Literary Community Beyond the MFA

Elena Passarello

12 P.M.: Walking Across the Hall- The Writer in the Literature Classroom

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

1:30 P.M.: Understanding the Boom

Ryan Van Meter

1:30 P.M.: This Is Not a Memoir: Thoughts on the Linked Essay Collection

Patricia Smith

3 P.M.: Women for Women- Building Community Through Mentorship

Allison Hedge Coke

3 P.M.: Migration, Labor, and Letters in Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera's Literary Contributions and Life.

David Mura

3 P.M.: The Real Mother of All Bombs: Reconsidering John Hersey's Hiroshima

Vi Khi Nao, Myriam Gurba

3 P.M.: Teaching / Sex / Writing

Karen Tei Yamashita

3 P.M.: In conversation with Jamie Quatro and Steph Opitz

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